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Our products have always been made with all natural, simple ingredients. We use organic or wildcrafted materials as much as possible and source virgin, unrefined oils whenever available.         Most of our oils (including all essential oils) are never heated to retain medicinal qualities.

We source our materials from respectable and responsible suppliers.
All of our ingredients come from the Earth and adhere to the following standards as much as possible:

>What’s NOT in Theminula

Everything else! We don’t ever use synthetic additives in our products.

You will never find any of these icky substances in anything we sell:

  • NO Pthalates
  • NO Petrochemicals
  • NO Parabens
  • NO Sulfates
  • NO artificial fragrance
  • NO artificial preservatives

How Our Products Are Formulated

All of our products are original recipes formulated by Earth Roots Apothecary Founder and Certified Clinical Herbalist, Addie McDermott.

A lot goes into product development. Most of these recipes I have been perfecting for years, and much of it comes from experience. When I want to make a product I think about who it will be for and what it needs to do. Then I determine the best herbs for the job. I weed out any plants that may have unnecessary or undesirable effects, and I do a lot of research about safety.”

~Addie McDermott, Holistic Clinical Herbalist • Founder, Earth Roots Apothecary

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Influences in Product Formulating


In order to understand how to assist the human body, we must first understand how it works. When we know how the body functions and malfunctions, we can begin to see what elements will assist the restoration of balance.

Scientific Evidence 

There is increasing scientific research being done about botanical therapies and phytochemicals. This research provides a phenomenal amount of supportive evidence for the field of medical herbalism.

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Traditional Medicine

Earth-based healing is the medicine of the people. Throughout time and cultures, people have used various plant preparations for nourishment and healing. Our ancestors lived with these plants, revered them, and learned their medicine. This wisdom and sacred relationship with the Earth has been gifted to generation after generation. Today, we have medical documents from over 5,000 years ago, and many since. Traditional medicine ultimately supported our survival and evolution as a species for thousands of years.

Holistic Health

Traditional medical practices integrate physical, energetic, spiritual and psychological influences. These influences are all related, and while one or some may predominate in certain circumstances, healing may be engaged on all levels. Our products are developed from a holistic perspective with a lot of intention and love!

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