About Us

Earth Roots Apothecary - PassionflowerEarth Roots  Apothecary offers a variety of botanical treasures including natural skin and beauty care, herbal salves, pure essential oils and aromatherapy for the spirit. Our products are handcrafted in small batches in the Appalachian Mountains using organic, wildcrafted and ethically sourced plant materials.


We believe in returning to our roots to restore Eternal Wisdom and Ancient Traditions of the Earth. Go within. In our roots we realize our sickness and our strength. The Earth nourishes us. We are reborn with new creative potential, and we nourish the Earth. We dance along the eternal spiral. Our rhythm is one with the Earth, and we are alive!

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All Natural

Everything we create is all natural, meaning no synthetic additives, ever! Our products are handcrafted in small batches with wildcrafted, ethically sourced and organic ingredients.

Holistic Health
Traditional holistic medical systems integrate physical, energetic, spiritual, planetary and psychological influences. Healing is engaged on many levels to work towards harmony.

Traditional Herbalism
Plant medicine is ancient wisdom. Healers around the planet have nurtured this wisdom for thousands of years. When we listen to nature, our bodies understand the language.

We aspire to support our local and global communities without harming them. That’s why our website is powered by the wind, our labels are fully compostable, our promo material is made from recycled paper, and our ingredients are organic and  as ethically sourced as possible.


Earth Roots Apothecary was founded in 2014 by Certified Clinical Herbalist, Addie McDermott,
with the intention to empower our community with opportunities for living naturally.

Earth Roots Apothecary - salix alba white willowI created Earth Roots out of a necessity – a necessity to heal my family naturally, without the use of anything synthetic – with medicine from the Earth. These are the medicines of our ancestors. Our species has evolved alongside these plants. Just as we rely on their nutrients for food, we rely on their phytochemicals [naturally occurring compounds in plants] for medicine. It naturally followed, that once I was making medicine for my family, I began making medicine for more and more of my community. That is how Earth Roots started, and grew – organically, from the roots up.”
~Addie McDermott, Earth Roots Apothecary Founder


All of our products are made with love and intention. We hope you enjoy looking around our apothecary!


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