Ode to Bloodroot

Bloodroot | Sanguinaria canadensis | 4/3/16Bloodroot | Sanguinaria canadensis | 4/3/16









Your frosted petals


As the Full Moon illuminating the Darkness of the Night

As the fresh blanket of Snow that cradles her Winter Survivors

As the thick Mist that settles into Valleys and rises into Mountains

With Grace and Mysterious intent.


As the Soil from which you emerge so delicately

Which has endured generations of Natural Influences to earn such Exquisite Richness

As the Swallowtail Butterfly whose wings beat to the Rhythm of your gracious arrival

As the sweet fulcrum that marks the annual passage from Winter to Spring

Bloodroot | Sanguinaria canadensis | 4/3/16Bloodroot | Sanguinaria canadensis | 4/3/16









Your blossoms signify a rite of passage.

I have endured yet another long, cold Winter

And met with the deepest, darkest parts of myself.

My roots have held valiantly to the Ancient Mystery, the Source of Life.

My Roots. My Blood. My Destiny.

From the Depths of this Mystery, I emerge


The Source has infused my Being with Courage and Gnosis.

Green Shields pop up like Groundhogs in Spring.

Introduced to the Landscape by Lindera’s towering golden blossoms.

New Life, fertilized by Primal Energy

Cradled by Autumn’s fallen Foliage

Unfurls within an intimate Embrace.


I reacquaint the Woodland-filtered Sun with newfound humility, gratitude, patience and glory.


May we continue this journey with Mutual Respect and Everlasting Inspiration.

Bloodroot, Sanguinaria canadensis 4/3/16

Bloodroot | Sanguinaria canadensis | 4/3/16


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