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Bloodroot Flower Essence



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Product Description

Bloodroot (Sanguinaria Canadensis) is a US Native plant found from the Midwest to the Eastern coast. When it first appears in early Spring, the single leaf is wrapped around the flower as though swaddling it. The flower is a stunning white and is one of the first blooms of the year.

Bloodroot flower essence brings a perception of hope to the beholder. This medicine gives us courage to achieve our goals and pursue graceful transcendence. In the face of adversity, bloodroot purifies our intentions and fills our veins with fortitude. Bloodroot taps our greatest well of strength and connects us with our spiritual purpose. This flower essence brings balance, integrity and emotional stability.

Affirm: “There is nothing that will destroy me. My path may involve suffering, but my mind is strong. I will survive.”

[4 drams]

Suggested Use:

Take four drops on the tongue once a day or as needed.


Wild bloodroot flowers (Sanguinaria canadensis), water, organic grain alcohol


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