Clarity Aromatherapy Mist

Clarity Aromatherapy Mist



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Product Description

Break free of limiting thought patterns that fill the mind with useless chatter. Breathe deeply to bring the body, mind and spirit into alignment. Clarity Aromatherapy Mist inspires optimism, self-confidence and clear thought – so you may stay focused on your goals!

  • promote concentration, inspiration and focused creativity
  • encourage a sense of vitality, self-worth and courage
  • enhance mental clarity by reawakening your inherent connection to life

ENERGETICS: Warm to Neutral and Dry, Yang Tonic, Moves Lung-Qi

[2 oz]

Suggested Use:

Shake well. Spray into the air or mist onto body when there’s work to be done!


Not for use during pregnancy (thyme, rosemary). Not for use with children under 6 (rosemary).


*witch hazel, spring water, *grain alcohol, essential oils of ^scotch pine, ^frankincense, thyme, cardamom, *rosemary & *lemon (*organic, ^wildcrafted)


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