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Copal Resin


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Product Description

Copal resin comes from a variety of trees around the world, many of which are identified with species used throughout Mesoamerica. The word “copal” is derived from the Aztec, copalli, meaning “incense”. The resin was used in ceremony by Aztec and Maya cultures as a ritual offering to the gods, to promote luck and dispel negative energies. The smoke is purifying and protective; a safe smudge to use for spiritual benefits.

Copal resin is burned during ceremonies such as sweat lodges and entheogen rituals. The aroma is grounding and restorative and allows us to delve into spiritual dimensions with clarity. Use of this herb can improve visions into other realms if that is what we ask for. Copal smoke is considered an offering to nature spirits and deities. It enhances our connection to nature and the universe, like a nurturing mother brings conflicted siblings back into harmony.

Our Copal Resin is wildcrafted in Indonesia.

[2 oz]

Suggested Use:

Burn the resin on a piece of coal or in a diffuser to purify space.


Copal (Shorea javanica)


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