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Fruity Vitality Body Butter


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Product Description

Nurture and enliven your attitude and your skin! Like a sunny summer day, the joyful aroma of citrus fruits refreshes and revitalizes your spirit! These gently uplifting and toning oils may reduce the appearance of skin blemishes and be especially useful during and after pregnancy.

Fruity Vitality Body Butter is made with a super smooth blend of organic, raw oils that moisturize, tone and nurture the skin. This luxurious body butter penetrates the skin’s surface quickly and effectively, leaving skin hydrated and resilient without the greasy feel. Made with antioxidant cocoa butter, rejuvenating shea butter and softening coconut oil, your skin is sure to appreciate this special treatment!

  • improve the skin’s natural glow, texture, and tone
  • reduce the appearance of lines, stretch marks, and impurities on the skin’s surface
  • lock in moisture and replenish essential nutrients
  • minimize healing time and reduce lasting effects of healing

[2 oz]

> Use with  [Facial Toners]  [Oil-Free Skin Serums]

Suggested Use:

Massage lovingly into the skin as a daily moisturizer. No known contraindications during pregnancy or with children.


This product contains citrus oils which may cause sensitivity to sunlight. For best results, wait 12 hours after application before exposing treated skin to sunlight.


*virgin sweet almond oil, *unrefined shea butter, *unrefined cocoa butter, *virgin coconut oil, *jojoba oil, *beeswax, *calendula, *chamomile, *plantain, essential oils of mandarin, ^frankincense, lime, *grapefruit & geranium (*organic, ^wildcrafted)


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