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Product Description

This all-purpose herbal salve is our signature blend of eleven powerfully protective and restorative herbs, blended with organic beeswax. Herbee Salve has become a family favorite in many households! What’s all the buzz about? Herbee, the honeybee, says these herbs have been used for thousands of years around the planet for all sorts of boo boos! Thanks, Herbee!

  • Promote healing quickly and effectively
  • Protect skin from further damage and secondary risks
  • Soothe the feeling of irritation
  • Maintain moisture to create an optimal healing environment

[2 oz]

Suggested Use:

After cleaning the affected area, apply a thin layer of salve. A thicker layer may be applied if it will be covered with a bandage. This product may be used on children. Consult expert for chronic or serious conditions. If you suspect the presence of an infection, consult expert advice. No known contraindications during pregnancy.


*virgin almond oil, *Oregon grape root, *chamomile, *calendula, *plantain, *yarrow, *licorice, *myrrh, *witch hazel, *marshmallow, *beeswax, essential oils of lavender and ^helichrysum (*organic, ^wildcrafted)

5.00 out of 5

reviews for Herbee Salve

  1. Tea
    5 out of 5

    Review  –:

    This is my favorite earth roots poduct and a must have in your medicine cabinet. This salve is perfect for burns, cuts, bites, anything! My family uses this over any other ointment and because of how wonderfully it works and makes us feel, we call it love butter. I won’t go without this salve for any length of time!!

  2. Michael
    5 out of 5

    Review  –:

    You can just smell the strong medicinal quality of this salve! The smell has it’s own comfort and the comfort of it’s scent only strengthens over time as you use the salve more and more and become further acquainted with it’s incredible healing ability. I’ve seen many cuts heal much more rapidly with this product than they would have without it. It’s very versatile and very safe. It has the vibe of healing within it. It’ll probably alter your child’s relationship with healing wounds and recovering from injuries. Most likely your’s to. It’s a great way to see herbal medicine at work. It brings out the beauty of the healing process and the bodies ability to recover with our herbal allies which have been so well crafted in this product.

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