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Insect Deflect



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Product Description

Spending time in nature is one of our greatest joys! We like to enhance our experience by keeping pesky bugs at bay! This mist is made without harsh ingredients like lemongrass and citronella that aren’t suitable for use on bare skin. Insect Deflect can also be used on existing bites and stings!

Robert Tisserand, one of the premier authorities on aromatherapy, suggests that cedar wood may have been the first essential oil to ever be extracted from a plant. It was used throughout Mesopotamia and Ancient Egypt as a perfume and insect repellent, among other things.

The essential oils that comprise Insect Deflect have been shown to repel mosquitos, ticks, flies, chiggers, gnats and other insects.

[2 oz]

Suggested Use:

Mist onto skin or clothing as needed to repel insects; or apply to existing bites and stings for relief. This spray may be enjoyed by children.


Not for use during pregnancy (cedarwood).


*witch hazel, spring water, *grain alcohol, essential oils of palmarosa, geranium, ^cedarwood, lavender, *tea tree & *lemon (*organic, ^wildcrafted)


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