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Ishtar Aromatherapy Roll-On



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Product Description

Ishtar is an ancient Babylonian goddess of love, fertility, spiritual enlightenment and war. She is one of the original Great Goddesses of civilization, and represents the creation and power of nature. She is associated with the planet Venus, arriving both as the morning and evening stars. She imparts the wisdom of light balanced with darkness, and the seasons of time. Ishtar Aromatherapy Oil brings the essence of this Great Goddess into our daily lives.

Imbue your perception with love and the wisdom of the ages. Remember the beauty of nature. Balance will come as we release attachments that no longer serve our greatest good. This blend helps us navigate both the calm and stormy waters, empowering us to stay the course. Embrace the divine feminine and flow with transitions.

Ishtar Aromatherapy Oil supports women in labor.

[10 mL]

Suggested Use:

Apply to temples, wrists and neck to embrace the divine feminine and encourage smooth transitions.


Not for use during pregnancy; but useful during labor (clary sage, jasmine). Not for use with children under 5 (clary sage).


Ingredients: *jojoba oil, *sunflower seed oil, essential oils of lavender, clary sage, ylang ylang & jasmine (*organic)


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