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Large White Sage Smudge


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Product Description

This handcrafted large white sage smudge wand is made with sustainably harvested sage from private land in California. The sage is gathered in prayer and then made into bundles with love and intention.

White Sage (Salvia apiana) is used traditionally by Native Americans as a sacred smudge. It is commonly burned during sweat lodges and other ceremonies. The smoke from the sage rises, carrying our intentions to the Great Spirit. The smoke is purifying and helps create sacred space. It helps us release tension and repel negative influences.

Use this wand during ceremony to purify your intentions and awaken spiritual connection. This wand may also be used to purify spaces and people who will benefit from spiritual cleansing and renewal. Sage smoke clears negative energy blockages and can be useful when you move into a new home, need to clean and organize, or feel like you need to hit a reset button. Smudging works best alongside prayer and intention.


Suggested Use:

Light the tip of the wand with a candle or lighter. Let the sage rest in an incense dish, or hold it as a wand. Focus on your intention as you fan the smoke around your body and the space you would like to cleanse. To stop the wand from burning before it naturally goes out on its own, stick it in a small bowl of salt.


White Sage (Salvia apiana)


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