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Palo Santo Wood


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Product Description

Palo Santo is a mystical tree that grows throughout the Amazonian region of South America. Palo Santo means “holy wood” and has been used by indigenous people as a purifying smudge for thousands of years. Our palo santo wood is sustainably harvested from naturally fallen wood in the Ecuadorian mountains.

Palo santo sticks may be burned ceremonially for energetic cleansing and purification. The aroma is uplifting and grounding. Use palo santo to clear metaphysical space and repel negative energies. This powerful ally supports positive transitions and enhances connection to Spirit, thereby facilitating healing.

Palo santo wood is also used as an insect repellant and to support respiratory health.

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Suggested Use:

Light the end of the piece of palo santo wood with a candle or lighter. Allow the flame to grow, then blow it out and let the ember continue to burn the wood. Let the wood rest in an incense dish, or hold it as a wand. Focus on your intention as you fan the smoke around your body and the space you would like to cleanse. To stop the wand from burning before it naturally goes out on its own, stick it in a small bowl of salt.


Palo Santo (Bursera graveolens)


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