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Purify Aromatherapy Mist



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Product Description

Clear the mind, body, spirit and environment of negative influences that obstruct your natural energy flow. Embrace your inner alchemist to transform undesirable situations into opportunities for healing and spiritual renewal.  With Palo Santo and other magical oils, Purify Aromatherapy Mist helps create Sacred space and unblock stagnant Qi.

  • help align the body, mind and spirit for optimal well being, meditation and enhanced creativity
  • promote spiritual awareness and enhance connection to magical energies
  • support your inherent ability to flow with the flux of life

ENERGETICS: Neutral Temperature & Dry, Qi Tonic

[2 oz]

Suggested Use:

Shake well. Spray into the air or mist gently onto body, linens or other surfaces. For skin afflictions characterized by excess heat and dampness , mist onto affected area 1 - 3 x/day.


Not for use during pregnancy (palo santo, cedarwood). All ingredients have no known contraindications with children, but there is not enough data about palo santo. We suggest to avoid with children under 5..


*witch hazel, spring water, *grain alcohol, essential oils of ^palo santo, lavender, ^frankincense, ^pine, ^myrrh, ^cypress, ^atlas cedarwood & *tea tree   (*organic, ^wildcrafted)

5.00 out of 5

review for Purify Aromatherapy Mist

  1. Michael
    5 out of 5

    Review (verified owner)  –:

    This is another one if my favorites!!!! I like to spray it in my hair/locks as a means of maintenance. The tea tree and other essential oils are great to counteract the potential of dread-rot and it smells soooo good! So glad to be able to order it online, for when I am not in town to buy it locally. Probably my favorite aromatherapy spray/mist of any I have ever sampled. Such a wonderful scent. Makes me feel good and serves a practical function at the same time!!! Love it!!!!

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