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Rest & Digest Aromatherapy Mist

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Product Description

Our days bring a variety of experiences that we must take in, break down, then absorb or eliminate. This is the process of digestion we take on during rest. Rest & Digest Aromatherapy Mist supports emotional and physical assimilation for optimal health.

  • help release mental and digestive tension or exhaustion
  • promote the capacity for processing experiences gently and effectively
  • restore a sense of calm control and acceptance, encouraging us to communicate our needs with poise

ENERGETICS: Warm & Dry, Qi Tonic, moves liver Qi, Tridoshic 

[2 oz]

Suggested Use:

Shake well. Spray into the air or mist gently onto body, linens or other surfaces.


Not for use during pregnancy (fennel, marjoram, chamomile). Not for use with children under 6 (fennel).


*witch hazel, spring water, *grain alcohol, essential oils of fennel, *marjoram, *orange, mandarin, lavender, cardamom, roman chamomile & ginger   (*organic)


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