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Sattva Aromatherapy Roll-On



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Product Description

Ayurveda is an ancient medical system that has been practiced in India for over 5,000 years. The philosophy of Ayurveda originates with the enlightened sages of India, whose meditation revealed the journey of consciousness into matter. From supreme awareness is born three universal qualities that pervade all creation. These are the gunas; sattva, rajas and tamas.

Sattva is perception before action. It is our ability to see clearly and is the quality we cultivate during meditation. Sattva’s element is pure ether. It brings a state of transcendent peace and spiritual inspiration. Sattva Aromatherapy Roll-On encourages Sattvic state of mind, and helps bring chakras into alignment.

[10 mL]

Suggested Use:

Apply to neck, temples, chest and/or wrists for aroma. Many of our customers enjoy this blend as a perfume!


Not for use during pregnancy (clary sage, bay laurel). Not for use with children under 6 (bay laurel, clary sage).


*jojoba oil, *sunflower seed oil, essential oils of ^bay laurel, lavender, clary sage, ^myrrh, cardamom, ^frankincense & sandalwood (*organic, ^wildcrafted)


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