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Selenite Wand



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Product Description

Selenite is one of the most powerful stones to enhance spiritual connectivity. It works particularly with the upper chakras, and helps attune the mind to receive guidance from spiritual sources. It is powerfully cleansing; effectively clearing negative energy blockages in the body and aura and continuing to provide metaphysical protection. It is invaluable during meditation, where it encourages mental clarity and supports spiritual ascension. Working with this stone allows you to let go of negative patterns and fall into alignment with your Higher Self.

Selenite is often placed on altars and in homes to avert negative energies and continually refresh a pleasant  aura. When combined with other crystals, selenite acts as a valuable synergist and enhances the activity of almost any other stone.

Available in 3 Sizes

Suggested Use:

This stone may be placed on energy centers of the body, on altars or in homes to promote healing and protection.




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