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Triple Moon Aromatherapy Roll-On



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Product Description

The Triple Goddess is the original trinity, embracing the three faces of the Great Goddess: Maiden, Mother, Crone. This Goddess has an intimate relationship with the moon and lunar phases, as she teaches us to celebrate the cycles of life, death and rebirth.

Triple Moon Aromatherapy Oil reminds us that all life is sacred, and that the Goddess is present in every moment. She nurtures our spirit, inspiring us to re-wild our creative impulses and communicate effectively. Her gentle embrace assures us that it is safe to release tension and let the waters flow. This is like letting down walls around a lake so that the water is able to  nurture all the land and life around it. A wonderful remedy for those who struggle with intimacy. This blend supports emotional womb healing and the release of stagnant energy in the abdomen. It is balancing, restorative and harmonizing.


[10 mL]

Suggested Use:

Apply to temples, wrists and neck to bring balance during moon phases and the phases of the Divine Feminine.


Not for use during pregnancy (marjoram, clary sage, fennel). Not for use with children under 6 (fennel, clary sage).


*jojoba oil, *sunflower seed oil, essential oils of lavender, *marjoram, clary sage, geranium, fennel, bergamot, Roman chamomile & rose (*organic, ^wildcrafted)


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