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“Thank you so much for your wonderful creations! I have been using your Roxy Facial Toner and Rejuvenate Skin Serum and they have completely changed my skin! I have only been using them for 5 days and I see a huge difference. Since I started using them I have not had any new breakouts, my scars are fading, and my skin is softer than it has ever been. Each time I use your products I truly feel like I am pampering myself and my skin. Thank you for the work that you bring into the world and share through your magical creations!” – Jessica Sparks-Mussulin | Asheville, NC

“Addie’s herbal creations are inspired! It’s hard to find authentic herbal products formulated by a real herbalist and made by hand in the old way but that’s what every product on this site is. From the thoughtful formulation, to the beautifully designed labels and the freshest and purest ingredients, everything about these products reflects Addie’s attunement with the healing and rejuvenating powers of the plant world and her commitment to honor those powers in every product she makes. I love knowing that when I buy something from Earth Roots it was made by a real person who really cares.” – Dr. Joie Power | Asheville, NC

“Aside from Addie’s products selling well because they BOTH look great and smell phenomenal, we love carrying Earth Roots products because people come back for them.  From the label to the bottle to the product inside, the quality of her products enhances our customer’s experience of our store.” – Andrew Celwyn, The Herbiary | Asheville, NC

“I first fell in love with Earth Root’s Apothecary’s products when a friend gifted me the Goddess Garden body butter years ago. I savored that little jar for a long time! Then I met Addie at an herbal conference and bought some Baby Bottom Balm and aromatherapy roll-ons for myself and as gifts. Her products always meet my high standards for quality and are a delight for the senses!” – Lesley Greene | Orlando, FL

“I have been using your throat chakra blend while I recover from a debilitating illness. I purchased some at a festival a few years ago and have been on the lookout to buy more. THANK YOU for creating such a beautiful product that has helped me more than you even know!” – Corey Brown | Asheville, NC

“I wanted to say thank you for the chakra series. It is resounding through me and into the people around me nicely.” – JR | Atlanta, GA

“Calm balm is the bomb. Used it for the first time on my highly stressed neck and shoulders after a hard week of physical labor and within minutes found relief. ” -Charles Rule | Asheville, NC

“I have been using your toner and oleo elixir and LOVE them both! I’ve been actively seeking out the best ethical, organic facial and body care products out there since I was 14, and in 25 years of experimenting and testing countless things, your offerings are definitely the highest quality I’ve ever encountered. They are exactly what I’d been wishing existed for all these years, but never found! The quality of these products alone is outstanding, but its the whole package that really makes the impact – your entire ethic, approach, philosophy and presentation. Honestly, as simple as it is – just using a toner and oil each day – holding these beautiful little bottles, experiencing the fragrances and feeling the nourishment of the ingredients, right down to how they are sourced and prepared has been deeply inspiring – I really wasn’t anticipating such a profound effect. It’s renewed my faith that people DO exist, that care this much and are this dedicated, and also made me feel extremely grateful to be here on the east coast of this beautiful landmass and magical piece of Mother Nature commonly known as the U.S.A.. Just reading the words ‘Hand crafted in small batches in the Appalachian Mountains’ made me SO happy. So yes, I just had to express this, as these two little bottles have been warming my heart and nourishing my face and spirit for the last couple of weeks and its made a much greater impact than just improving my skin! I look forward to trying more of your offerings soon! Thank you again for the wonderful work you do, it is one of the most inspiring things I’ve come across in quite a while, so please keep doing what you do!! PS: I’ve tried tamanu oil before, and while it was one of my favorite oils and I loved the results, the scent was too much for me to use each day, but the Siddhartha blend you’ve made is absolutely perfect!!!” – SP | Quakertown, PA

“Addie LIVES the spirit of the plants. The quality and intentionality and spirit that she imbues her life with is contagious, inspirational, and beautiful. She is clearly here as a messenger for all of the powerful helpers that are available to us in the plant world, and she is a joyous messenger who creates pristine and effective products that gift us with the magical intention she imbues them with.” – Sarah Southerland | Asheville, NC


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